Reason 332: Because People Usually Don’t Want Their Children To Be Accidental Porn Stars

This has been in the headlines as of late:

Charges: HS Coach Filmed Girls in Locker Room for Years

This headline tells you all you need to know.

I will grant that this sort of thing can happen anywhere where young girls routinely take their clothes off, and not just in the schoolhouse. But there is this thing called accrued risk.  The chances of a homosexual man catching AIDS from a one night stand are fairly small. But if he’s prone to follow the usual behavioral patterns of his counterparts, the odds go up exponentially.   It’s the same with this situation. How many places do your children take off their clothes at predictable places and times routinely? Waterworld? The gym? How often do they go there? And how many men are on staff at these places with access sufficient to set up for peeping? The bottom line is that the schoolhouse is ripe for this sort of thing. It would be interesting to know how often this happens without the person getting caught. The truth is that this had been going on for years and it’s very icky.

But the schoolhouse has some added components. How long do you think it will be before men like this learn that all they have to do is identify as a woman and they’ll be given legal access to your daughters in the locker room? It’s just a matter of time, once the people get use to the fellow student/boy in there. You know it will be the natural progression of things. And if you don’t like it? Why you’re a closed-minded, bigoted transphobe, and evil deep down to your core.

But there’s also the component of moral relativism at play. What right does anyone have to say that this man has done anything wrong? Was anyone harmed? No! Then it’s YOU with the problem, you closed-minded, bigoted blah blah blah.

Is this what you want for your child? I hope not. But if it’s not what you want, run, don’t walk, down to the schoolhouse and get your children out of there. It is a cesspool of depravity, and not fitting for man nor child.

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One response to “Reason 332: Because People Usually Don’t Want Their Children To Be Accidental Porn Stars

  1. The new Common Core Sexuality Standards say that if the girls are o.k. with it, or if it feels good to them, then it is not child sexual abuse. It is only sexual abuse if they do not like it and if, when they find out, they speak up about not liking it. (If they don’t say anything, then they must like it, which makes it fine and dandy.)

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