Reason 58: Because The State Knows That Only Unarmed People Can Be Enslaved

Photo from The Federalist Papers Article

History is replete with stories of slavery. Sometimes it involves groups and races, and sometime it involves entire nations.  All of these stories have one thing in common. Slaves are never allowed arms. That’s because armed people make poor slaves. Answer for such a problem? State institutionalized indoctrination and Common Core, which are two names for the same thing.

First,  teach children that government is a benevolent god-like entity capable of god-like feats such as creating wealth out of thin air, changing the temperature of the planet, and ensuring prosperity and security… only if “the people” will give it complete power. Teach that it only wants to protect its “citizens” from those evil corporations.

Second, hide the fact that most of those evil corporations and the government are in collusion, and then vilify the corperations who don’t tow the party line.

Third, concurrently teach children that their lives are ultimately meaningless; that they are nothing more than blobs of matter arranged to be who they are by happenstance, just wandering around on the third rock from the sun which ultimately exists in a vast, cold, dark emptiness called “space”. They need to know that there is no truth that restrains and that they are free to do whatver the meaningless electrical impulses shooting around in their skulls are telling them to do. Surely some will take that teaching to heart and will have a little “survival of the fittest” fun shooting up their fellow classmates like fish in a barrel. Of course for maximum effect make sure there’s no one who can intervene with a “gun-free” zone. Why pretty soon they’ll be begging their “benevolent” caretakers to protect them from themselves and take away their guns.

And last of all, distract them with lots of sex, hook them up to the idea of changing the temperature of the planet and make sure that each child can find his own reason to be a victim, and they’ll never see what’s happening to their poor minds.

From the Federalist Papers

SHOCK: What Common Core Is Teaching About Guns

I disagree with this title by the way.  There’s no shock. If there is for you, then that’s nothing compared to the shock coming your way when the state’s done with your child. But in any case, the article starts aptly:

There is a certain group of people who have charged themselves with the re-education of our children via the use of propaganda and emotional politics.

And then later:

“This guide shows that the common core philosophy of education is coming to all schools.” Alice Linahan, founder of Voices Empower, a grassroots organization that opposes Common Core, told “It’s a shift from teaching fact to teaching attitudes, belief and behavior.”

Well put. Well put indeed.

Love your child. Prepare him for liberty and not for slavery to a bunch of government, permanent vacation-class elitist.

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