Because Your Children Don’t Have Forever To Figure It Out

Children grow up. That’s what they do. Then they grow older, then old, then they die. It all happens so quick. One minute they’re in the government’s institution of indoctrination, then the next they’re attempting to live out the “better” plan that the institution thought, without reason, was best. Some, however, after it’s too late, realize that what the institution taught them was a sham.

Here is a story like that. It’s a poor soul pouring out her heart after her life of chasing all the empowerment none-sense that she was indoctrinated to chase only to realize too late that the institution knows nothing of happiness, but only rebellion, hatred, and bitterness.


A bit:

It had seemed a good idea at the time, being so very different from my mum, rebelling against her lack of vanity, ambition, selfishness…My mum was content with her lot, she lived in the moment, she didn’t put off life, thinking: ‘As soon as I’m eight stone… As soon as I’ve bought that new house…

My overriding feeling, as the Big Day (turning 60) came and went last week, was that my generation of women was sold a lie. We were told our mothers’ lives were disgracefully submissive. We were told we must battle our bodies into submission, land a career in order to hold all the power.

This is a sad story, yet it is perpetuated by the institution day in and day out. Don’t let your children be a victim of its grand social experiment.

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